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Accounting Services
Cohen, Kaufman & Associates is a full service Certified Public Accounting firm with the capability to meet all of our clients accounting and tax needs.


As CPA’s, we know “generally accepted accounting principals” and the unique rules that govern reporting in your industry. We can help you comply with them while focusing on the accounting and financial information that
YOU need to run your business profitably.

Our accounting services are geared toward meeting the needs of our clients and can range from bookkeeping support to consulting with clients on setting up computer based internal accounting systems to meet operational as well as financial reporting needs. When needed, we can provide our staff to serve as temporary controller or for special assignments.

Financial Reporting

We provide three basic levels of assurance reporting for our clients’ financial statements; audit, review and compilation. Which level we provide depends upon a variety of factors including the reason for preparation, who is going to use them and the cost. We make every effort to ensure that whatever report we issue is the most cost effective one based on each of our clients’ unique situations.