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Tax Services
Our tax services go far beyond basic tax return preparation. We provide business and individual clients with a year-round source of sound financial and tax advice.

Individual Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a year round activity that is geared to the needs of each of our clients. For individuals with uncomplicated tax situations, the annual income tax return meeting is used as an opportunity to review their personal financial situation and make appropriate suggestions.

As we get near to year end we meet with those clients that have more complex tax and financial situations to strategize on how to maximize their wealth through compensation and investment advisory planning, tax planning and compliance, insurance analysis, retirement and estate planning.

Business Tax Planning

Business tax planning is a year-round service provided to business clients to ensure that the tax aspects of their business and individual lives are coordinated. We help clients understand and minimize the tax effects of existing business plans and strategies. We also work with business owners on a variety of other business issues that have tax implications such as, succession and retirement planning, mergers and acquisitions, fringe benefits and compensation strategies and employee ownership programs.